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[Together Let’s] Bekas


Hasil gambar untuk moon suah moon bin

bikinan Imjustagirls

MoonBin ft MoonSua  | Family | Teen | Drabble

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[Together Let’s] of My Daddy and His Invention


A story by Mingi Kumiko Starring Cha Eun Woo

Myth, Family, Crack

Let’s go to the zoo.

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[Together Let’s] Preferences – Vignette



vignette by imaginesugar

starring [ASTRO] Moon Bin; [Rapper] Moon Sua

rated G | genre family


I own the plot, please do not do plagiarism


Let’s go to a concert

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[Ficlet] That White Box


Angelina Triaf ©2016 Present

That White Box

Yoon Sanha (Astro) & Park Cheonsa (OC) | Family, Comedy | G | Ficlet

Inspired by Winter Woods

The Series



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[Ficlet] Jangan Bohong


Jangan Bohong

a fanfic by narinputri
cast : [Astro] Sanha and [OC] Chae genre : family, slight!comedy, fluff length : ficlet rating : general

cr pic Giant Baby


“Kenapa kakak suka sekali berbohong?”

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[Vignette] Vengeance



ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo and OC’s Lee Minhyun

AU!, family, school-life | 1,3k words | G

Rizuki’s storyline


Karena sampai kapan pun—Cha Eunwoo tetaplah Lee Dongmin yang selalu menyebalkan.



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[Ficlet] Complicated Meeting


Complicated Meeting


Storyline by Tiarachikmamu

Starring by [Astro’s] Kim Myungjun, [Astro’s] Moon Bin, [OC’s] Moon Chae Jin
slight! [Astro’s] Park Jinwoo

Ficlet ±700words | School life, Family, Comedy | PG, Teen




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[Ficlet] Vibrate




A storyline by Tiarachikmamu

Starring by [Astro’s] Moon Bin and [OC] Moon Chae Jin
Ficlet ±300w | Family, Teen, Comedy | PG, Teen


“Bisa tidak, sih, matikan mode getarnya?”

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[Ficlet] Oh!



 Written by Miho-San

Eunwoo – OC

Family – Ficlet – G


Kau beruntung punya saudara yang perhatian seperti aku.

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