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[Ficlet] The Precious Surprise




Special Eunwoo’s birthday fiction by

BaekMinJi93 & Gxchoxpie


Astro’s Cha Eunwoo — OC’s Gladys Cho

slight! Astro’s other member


| AU! – Fluff – Romance | Ficlet | Teenager |


This story purely US! and the moodboard by Gxchoxpie ^-^

Happy reading :))

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[Together Let’s] LDR

Bikinan imjustagirls

Eunwoo ft Oc | Slice of life | G | Drabble


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[Together Let’s] of My Daddy and His Invention


A story by Mingi Kumiko Starring Cha Eun Woo

Myth, Family, Crack

Let’s go to the zoo.

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[Ficlet] Lean On Me


Lean On Me

by tyavi


[Astro] Eunwoo and [Twice] Chaeyoung

Romance, Fluff, School life, slight!Hurt/Comfort | Ficlet | G

Soundtrack :

Soyou ft. Kwon Jeong Yeol – Lean On Me

Summary :

When things aren’t working out your way

When you want to be alone, but it gets lonely…

When the way home feels too far…

When you feel like you’ll burst into tears…

lean on me, you can lean on me

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[AFFI Freelance] The Phone Call – Ficlet



A fanfiction by Gecee


Starring ASTRO’s Eunwoo, TWICE’s Chaeyoung


Friendship, Romance, School-life || Ficlet || T


I only own the plot


Posted before on with the same title


“Cepat hubungi pria yang kau sukai itu!”

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[Drabble] Katanya


By Fanita

Main Cast : Astro’ Cha Eunwoo & Aku (aka Oh My Girl’s Jiho)

Genre : Comedy(?), Slice of Life || Type : Drabble || Rating : PG-15

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[2nd OPREC] Can we survive?


Can we survive?

[Astro] Eunwoo Myungjoon [OC] Bennedict Claire

genre family fantasy fluff rated teens length ficlet


ohclaren 2016©


Don’t worry, it’s summer dude!



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[2nd OPREC] Two Hundred Summers and Still Counting – Ficlet

two hundred summers and still counting

Author namtaegenic Casts ASTRO Genre Friendship, fantasy Length Ficlet Rating PG-15 Disclaimer I own the plot

Summary: Mereka biasa menghabiskan waktu luang bersama. Suatu sore, satu di antara mereka berkata, “Bagaimana jika ini adalah musim panas terakhir kita? Apa yang akan kaulakukan?”

© 2016 namtaegenic


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[Drabble] Overshadow


By Fanita
Main Cast : Oh My Girl’s Jiho & Astro’s Cha Eunwoo
Genre : Sad – AU – Friendship || Type : Drabble || Rating : Teeneger

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