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[Together Let’s] Behind The Light – Ficlet




ficlet by imaginesugar

starring [ASTRO] Cha Eunwoo; [OC] Jung Seultae

rated T | genre romance, hurt/comfort


I own the plot, please do not do plagiarism


Let’s go release floating lanterns

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[Together Lets] Found Me – Ficlet

Found Me

By Fanita

Main Cast : Astro Moon Bin & Ikon Chanwoo

Genre : Friendship, Sad, Tragedy || Type : Ficlet || Rating : PG-15

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[Ficlet] Lean On Me


Lean On Me

by tyavi


[Astro] Eunwoo and [Twice] Chaeyoung

Romance, Fluff, School life, slight!Hurt/Comfort | Ficlet | G

Soundtrack :

Soyou ft. Kwon Jeong Yeol – Lean On Me

Summary :

When things aren’t working out your way

When you want to be alone, but it gets lonely…

When the way home feels too far…

When you feel like you’ll burst into tears…

lean on me, you can lean on me

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[2nd OPREC] Wishes – Ficlet




ficlet by maginesu

rated G

brothership, hurt/comfort

word count || 976 words


starring ASTRO’s Moonbin, SVT’s Vernon Chwe

disclaimer || I own the plot, please don’t plagiarize



||  Summary  ||

Mereka biasa menghabiskan waktu luang bersama. Suatu sore, satu diantara mereka berkata, “Bagaimana jika ini adalah musim panas terakhir kita? Apa yang akan kaulakukan?”

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[Ficlet] Thank You For Everything

Thank You For Everything 3

Thank You For Everything

By Fanita

Starring by Astro’s Cha Eunwoo & Oh My Girl’s Kim Jiho

Genre : Sad – Hurt/Comfort – Friendship – Drama || Type : Ficlet || Rating : PG-15

“Are you looking for me? Thanks for finding me..”

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[Drabble] Broke Up


Broke Up

By Fanita

Main Cast : Astro’s Sanha – April’s Yena

Genre : Comedy;slight – Romance || Type : Drabble || Rating : PG-13

Even if I young, I know what pain feels like

I’m just unfamiliar with this idea of breaking up

(Astro – First Love | Sanha’s part)

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